Hello my freaky ones! I managed to have a snow day with my writer! The roads out of town were terrible, and since she was caught up on her work at her new job, I convinced her that sliding backward down the first hill out of town was a good reason to stay home. We had freezing rain here last night until early this morning, then snow all morning until after lunch.

I managed to get her to write a new blog post about all of the new books she put out. My story, Night Blind, is LIVE and up for sale! My writer is now hard at work editing the second book in her Kansas Vampire series. Somehow, our little family has gained two new members. I really can’t say much more until I know some of you have read Night Blind, and a story in the anthology- Surrender in the Darkness. TOO MANY SPOILERS so don’t even ask!!

Well, I’m getting a little hungry and I need a nap. I will be back to write to you all soon.




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