It’s HERE!

Hello my dark little ones!

My writer, after taking on a job as a journalist, and her pro editor fell ill, managed to get my  next book PUBLISHED!!

She’s also decided to make herself available as a panelist at ConQuesT in Kansas City in May. (I’m hoping she will let me tag along with her. I hear there is going to be another vampire there!) So, she is wanting the computer back. Even though I just got to use this one for the first time. (yes, I’m pouting. Even though Twitch says it’s unbecoming.)

Anyhoo. I’m so glad you’re on this journey with me and my writer. We appreciate each and every one of you who follows us. Without you, we couldn’t do what we do. So, PLEASE, get out there, buy the next book in my story, Flip Side, on Amazon, and take a look into my life.



Hello again world!

Hello my freaky ones!

With all of the bad publicity these days surrounding the name Isis, I decided it best to adapt (yet again) to these modern times. I changed the spelling of my name. I am now Isys. Still the same vampire, just IsystheVampire. I won’t get into all of the politics and horrid stuff, but maybe I do feel a little better about changing my name because I don’t think the political stuff will go away anytime soon. (okay, yes I think it SUCKS for them to ruin my name.)

I am learning how to better use this site. I plan on taking some of the responsibility for my website off of my writer’s hands. That way Angel can WRITE.

Well I do hope you all are keeping cool this summer. Please check on your pets (animal and human) and make sure they have adequate shelter, water, and a place to stay cool.

be safe.