Hello all-

I have a couple of announcements to make. I know I’ve been very quiet over the last year. I admit I have been affected by the whole situation as well as I’ve been busy at work on at least three stories.

Night before last, I finished a novella with everyone’s favorite bad boy Justus getting his chops busted by one of my favorite vampire ladies, Stormy.

I’m nearly finished with Jaded Moon, a Kansas Wolfpack story.

Another tidbit- I will be at Crypticon KC this year! Thanks to one of my BabyBats (and a bit of misdirection) I will have a table with all of my books there July 16-18, 2021! I do hope to see some of you there.

I will also make an appearance at TopCon in Topeka in October! The TopCity is dear to me as I am involved in two writing groups hosted there.

I am excited to get back into the world. I am grateful to have gotten through this whole global pandemic safely. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for conventions, dining out, and social contact. When even the introverts are ready for socializing, you know it’s been a while.

I suppose I’d better get back to writing. My beta readers are anxious for the drafts of the new stuff. Thanks for hanging in with me for the last year.

until later-

ever grateful-



Covid Blues

Hello all,
I hope hingsyou are doing well. I know this last year has been hard on all of you. SO many things have happened, and not happened over the last 12 months.
My writer has been busy working on the next book. She was battling the writer’s block as well as other stuff. Now that she’s back on track things are moving along nicely.
I’m proud of her for doing all of the things she’s supposed to do. I know it’s not always easy.
Right now I’m ready for things to start moving again and for her to start doing some book stuff.
Right now, she’s busy editing and I’ve got the laptop until she notices.
Oops. Well, all of you please take car of yourselves, hang in there, and things will get better.


Hello freaky darlings!

I forgot to tell you about the books. You all know I have a writer but you may not know about all of her books! She’s written about me in three of them-

Night Blind
Flip Side
Waking the Devil

And she has poetry, short stories, and several stand alone novels.  Check them out under the BOOKS page here below. You can find the books online and at major retailers- Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and such. (Sorry for sounding like a commercial but I really do want to get the word out about her writing.)

And check back because there may be some things in the works! My writer has sworn me to secrecy about it, but it’s big!

Take care of each other. BE KIND.
until next time






Hello my freaky darlings,

I finally convinced my writer to consult her amazing IT gal and get me back into my blog! I apologize for being gone so long. My writer can be STUBBORN!

this whole crisis thing has everyone off balance. I’ve seen pandemics before but the humans have never been this uncivilized towards each other like this. I’m afraid the vampires and other paranormals may copy their bad habits.

I understand it’s no fun not being able to roam around like before.  The paranormal community has been dealing with this for many years, and things are more difficult. Now, humans are having to cope with curfews, mandates, and other restrictions.

On to happier thoughts. I am working with my writer again. She’s had a lot on her plate and hopefully things are easing up for her. If not, I may have to do something about it. (I promise it won’t be anything unethical or illegal…)

I must admit I’ve enjoyed having my writer pretty much to myself lately. I’ve missed her.

And on that note, she’s waking up. I’d better finish my post and get off her computer.

until next time!

Wintertime Blues

Hello my little freaky ones!
I do hope you are staying warm and safe this winter. The weather has been interesting this year.

The last week or so has been cloudy. More than usual. (Yes, I’ve taken advantage of this!) I have been more active and my writer is not. She is sensitive to light- actually, the lack of sunlight.

She has to make sure she takes a vitamin supplement with Vitamin D in it, get outdoors as much as she can during daylight hours, and use her therapy light. She has been diagnosed (by her doctor) with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Several years ago, she went online and found a doctor recommended therapy light. It’s a lamp or light box that mimics sunlight. The UV rays it produces are only select wavelengths and helps with the depressive symptoms and general moodiness.

Oh, oh. Here comes my writer. I think she wants the laptop back so she can get some work done. (I’m hoping it’s on MY book for once, but…)




Hello my freaky ones!

It has been a wild ride since I last posted. We’ve had a bit of cold and snow, my writer got stuck in the mud while cutting wood, propane was finally delivered, and my site was hacked.

Yes. My Site Was Hacked

and at first I didn’t know it. By the time I did, my writer had been messaging a trusted friend and she and her team  were working on it. (Love ya and THANKS! <3) I know it took a lot for my writer to accept help on this. I had to trust and that is no easy thing for me.

It seemed like it wasn’t very long and I got a message my site was back up! Well, yeah. If I’m posting on the site it must be back up.  Anyway, I am grateful for friends and friends of friends who are willing to help. I know I need to learn to trust and ask for help.

Next time, if things start looking kinky, I’m going to email the team and ask a few questions.



New Year

Hello my freaky ones!

We are getting ready to ring in the new year! Do you have any plans for ringing in 2019?  I plan on having a quiet evening here at the farmhouse reading.

If you do go out, please be safe! Remember, if you’re drinking, make sure to have some water.  Don’t drink to excess.  Stay safe. Take care of each other out there.  If you are buzzed or too drunk to drive, call a taxi. Even here in Kansas we have taxi companies who will take you home for free or a reduced price. Better you utilize them than the alternative!   I know I sound like a mother, but you are important and worth it.  Also, make sure you have your winter car care kit. It’s going to be cold out there when the ball drops.

But most of all, have fun for the rest of this year and into the next!



Wintertime Blues

Happy Holiday season my lovelies,
I do hope all is well with you. I say happy holidays because those of you out there may have different religions and beliefs.  Giving doesn’t have to mean things that cost money. You can give your time and/or something homemade. Be with those you love.

This winter season has been tough on my writer. The furnace in her house has been on the sketchy side for three years now. Finally, her hubby did some major research and fixed it (after the nice man from the HVAC business nearby made a house call).  On top of some other changes, my writer is updating her websites with the help of a friend. (Thanks Em!)

I’m following her example and I’m muddling through updating my own.  It’s time for the letting go the old and making way for the new.  Winter Solstice will be upon us all soon. Enjoy your precious time with your family and friends! Best holiday wishes to you all!

IsysThe Vampire

winter thoughts

Hello my dark ones!

We have a blizzard going on today across the whole state. It would be beautiful. but for the wind. I don’t mind the snow. I don’t like the cold and the whiteout conditions.

My writer has some beans on to soak, coffee in the pot, and a venison skirt steak in the slow-cooker. She just released the next book in the series, Waking the Devil. She’s hard at work on my next book, AND an unfinished werewolf novel. (I can’t be jealous because she works on the wolf story when we -the vampires- are unavailable.)

We are safe and snug here on the ranchette. Even though Kansas is CLOSED by order of the Governor of Kansas, we prepared for this weather a few days ago. Hopefully, by sunset, the winds will stop. I  will take a walk and help my writer dig out so she can get to  her day job in the morning. We have several inches of snow where it hasn’t blown off or drifted.

Be safe. Carry your winter survival kit in your vehicle. (Candle and matches or flares,  cat litter, salt, BLANKETS or extra clothing, first aide kit, shovel, ice scraper, jumper cables, flashlights, non-perishable food, and tow rope, PLEASE.) Watch the weather, be aware of changing road conditions, and STAY SAFE.




hello my lovelies!

the weather  here is rather fall-like in Kansas finally. crisp mornings, cool evenings, and colorful trees. soon, we will use the stove and the smell of a wood fire will fill the valley.

It’s been a hard spring/summer for my writer. She is having some landmarks happen in her life and even though she thinks she’s not ready, she really is. I know she will shine over the next few months.

the movie about my story is on hold for now. it’s nothing out of the ordinary- the script hasn’t been approved yet. YET. if I have my way, and my writer, and the director, this issue will hopefully rectified in a few weeks. THEN comes the problem of funding…

I am happy that my writer has her next book with her pro editor. by December it will be ready for release. I am excited even though I’m not in the book…

Okay, I have to go. I’ve chattered enough and my writer needs the computer back.

until next time-

xoxo Isysthe Vampire