Spring into Spring?

Hello my darlings!
I hope all is well with you. Things here are pretty busy. My writer is now doing so many things! Farmer’s markets, ComicCons, writer’s groups, bellydance performances, and more!
There is a new publication called the 105 Meadowlark Reader. I promise it’s not a kid’s book or anything like that. It’s a sort of essay or short story book, produced here in Kansas, with Kansas authors all writing about a central theme. My writer has a piece in this quarter’s print. She’s still a little surprised she was accepted. She doesn’t usually do nonfiction stuff like this. (I just wish she’d understand she really does have talent. But I’m glad she’s not cocky. She just needs a dose of confidence)
I’m really enjoying hanging out at the farmer’s markets on cloudy days. It gets me out of the house and i haven’t managed to scare any of the patrons… yet.
I will be making an appearance at the Smallville Con in Hutchinson, KS. in June. It promises to be a big one!
Well, my writer is back, with coffee and breakfast, and wants to use the laptop.
Until later my darkling ones,
IsysThe Vampire


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