Hello again world!

Hello my freaky ones!

With all of the bad publicity these days surrounding the name Isis, I decided it best to adapt (yet again) to these modern times. I changed the spelling of my name. I am now Isys. Still the same vampire, just IsystheVampire. I won’t get into all of the politics and horrid stuff, but maybe I do feel a little better about changing my name because I don’t think the political stuff will go away anytime soon. (okay, yes I think it SUCKS for them to ruin my name.)

I am learning how to better use this site. I plan on taking some of the responsibility for my website off of my writer’s hands. That way Angel can WRITE.

Well I do hope you all are keeping cool this summer. Please check on your pets (animal and human) and make sure they have adequate shelter, water, and a place to stay cool.

be safe.



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