One Crazy Spring

So far, things have been pretty crazy. My writer has been working 13 hour days lately. She is so tired and I wish I could do more to help her. Blog posts, tweets, updates, and marketing are necessary to sell books and there is no time to do any of it.

The new job has been a good thing for my writer. Her confidence is blooming and she is coping with the new duties well. An addition of hours at her second (or is it third) job has her tired but the financial strain is  lessened.

My writer is now working on the second book in my series. More adventure, more problems, and some new characters are entering the story now.  There is a short story out in a charity anthology “Surrender in the Darkness” called “Psyched Out”. Yes, it deals with Psych and he has quite an adventure!! Please make sure to read it as it fills in some gaps in my book. There may or may not be more short stories like “Psyched Out” appear in the future.

Well, it looks like I have to go. My writer needs to use the computer to do some work on my third book? Wait. There is going to be a THIRD book to the series!  Okay, time to go. I will message you all later!

until next time-

xoxo IsystheVampire

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