Summertime Blues

Hello my darklings,

Hope this summer finds you well. Mine has been rather eventful. My writer is doing something called “storyboarding”. One of her beta readers, (whatever that is). suggested it. She’s been combing through the next book in the Kansas Vampire series and doing some very strange things.

She’s gathered a whole bunch of colored pens and highlighters, and note cards. She’s reading and rereading my story, and writing down every little thing that happens on individual note cards with one color of ink for each family member.I’m not sure what that’s supposed to do, but she’s taking some comfort in the results,

I want to warn you. The next two books in my story are not pretty.  The story is rough and sometimes ugly. I hope you can learn and heal from what has happened to me.

On a lighter note, if you need a fix, make sure to read a “between the books” story. My writer had it published in an anthology and the name of the book is “Surrender in the Darkness”. I’m still a little miffed that my writer told some of Psych’s story instead of mine. I think you will like what happened.

Anyway, thank you all for supporting my writer. She loves writing and she is so much calmer and pleasant when she is writing. If it weren’t for you all supporting her and buying her books, she’d be nearly intolerable.

Well, I suppose I had better give the laptop back to my writer and let her get some sleep. She doesn’t totally trust me with her computer yet. So sleep well my dark little ones and I will update you soon on the progress of my writer and the books.


Isys the Vampire

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