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Hello my little darklings!

I do hope the autumn weather is to your liking. I am enjoying the cooler nights and warm days. But lately, I’m a little upset with my writer. She’s always busy lately.

The last few weeks, she has neglected me and has been publishing. Cipri the vampire has a story featured in an anthology to be released later this year. Yes, I just rolled my eyes and I’m a little jealous that some of her story will be released before mine.

My writer didn’t stop there. She is releasing a novel, “Night Moves” in a few days AND it has a follow-up story in the next book to be released, “Paranormal Bites”, a short story anthology of my writer’s work. No, I don’t have a story in it.

I’m hoping my book, “Night Blind” will be released soon. My writer keeps assuring me it will be, but I’m getting very impatient.

For now, I’ve swiped her proof copy of “Night Moves” and I plan to take a nice, long bubble bath and make sure this is a quality book.

Enjoy the pleasant fall weather, take care of each other, and Happy Halloween!

until later, my freaky ones,

Isys the vampire

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