Hello my freaky ones!

It has been a wild ride since I last posted. We’ve had a bit of cold and snow, my writer got stuck in the mud while cutting wood, propane was finally delivered, and my site was hacked.

Yes. My Site Was Hacked

and at first I didn’t know it. By the time I did, my writer had been messaging a trusted friend and she and her team ¬†were working on it. (Love ya and THANKS! <3) I know it took a lot for my writer to accept help on this. I had to trust and that is no easy thing for me.

It seemed like it wasn’t very long and I got a message my site was back up! Well, yeah. If I’m posting on the site it must be back up. ¬†Anyway, I am grateful for friends and friends of friends who are willing to help. I know I need to learn to trust and ask for help.

Next time, if things start looking kinky, I’m going to email the team and ask a few questions.



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