Wintertime Blues

Hello my little freaky ones!
I do hope you are staying warm and safe this winter. The weather has been interesting this year.

The last week or so has been cloudy. More than usual. (Yes, I’ve taken advantage of this!) I have been more active and my writer is not. She is sensitive to light- actually, the lack of sunlight.

She has to make sure she takes a vitamin supplement with Vitamin D in it, get outdoors as much as she can during daylight hours, and use her therapy light. She has been diagnosed (by her doctor) with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Several years ago, she went online and found a doctor recommended therapy light. It’s a lamp or light box that mimics sunlight. The UV rays it produces are only select wavelengths and helps with the depressive symptoms and general moodiness.

Oh, oh. Here comes my writer. I think she wants the laptop back so she can get some work done. (I’m hoping it’s on MY book for once, but…)



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