New Year

Hello my freaky ones!

We are getting ready to ring in the new year! Do you have any plans for ringing in 2019?  I plan on having a quiet evening here at the farmhouse reading.

If you do go out, please be safe! Remember, if you’re drinking, make sure to have some water.  Don’t drink to excess.  Stay safe. Take care of each other out there.  If you are buzzed or too drunk to drive, call a taxi. Even here in Kansas we have taxi companies who will take you home for free or a reduced price. Better you utilize them than the alternative!   I know I sound like a mother, but you are important and worth it.  Also, make sure you have your winter car care kit. It’s going to be cold out there when the ball drops.

But most of all, have fun for the rest of this year and into the next!



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