Wicked Weather?

Hello my darklings!

I do hope you were safe over the weekend during the severe weather. Here where my writer lives, we were LUCKY. We had some freezing rain, but most of it was just rain. My writer had plenty of supplies set by for us. I really think she was preparing for two feet of snow, losing power, and generalchaos.

Some of our friends didn’t fare so well. Limbs were down, people were injured from falling on the ice, some were without power. This storm could have been so much worse.

This winter is not yet over. I have a feeling this will not be the last shot of bad weather.

Today, my writer has dragged me out of the house. We are sitting on a pal’s deck in the cloudy day, enjoying the quiet and the view. Okay, so my writer’s place is quiet, but the change of scenery is welcomed.

Be kind to each other.

until next time,



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