Another Year, Another Chance

Hello all  my freaky friends!

It is almost the new year! I do hope the holidays were good for all of you. I mostly moped around here as my writer was busy with rewrites on my story, and spending time with her family.

This weekend marks the end of yet another year. I have seen many in my lifetime, and my in my vampire lifetime as well. No matter how rough the year before was (and there were a few) I always hold onto the thought that I made it through. A new beginning awaits us all on the other side of midnight, December 31. It is a chance to start over, to reach for your goals.

For me, the trick with goals is consistency. I’ve learned to set small goals that I consistently achieve, do not be too hard if I do not reach it this time, try again tomorrow, and recalculate. I know it’s kind of like moving the finish line but it works for me. I can look back and know I made it from goal a to goal b, then to goal c. Soon, I will only have a little more to go. If I do not do it this way, I focus on the failures. And I am my own worst enemy.

My dark ones, what are your goals? Looking back, do you see your successes this year? You should. You made it another year! That is an accomplishment. Did you learn anything? Maybe you learned a lot of ways to NOT do things. If so, then you are still working toward your goal. If you achieved at least one of your goals, that is success! Do not be too hard on yourselves. Humans are fragile with short life spans. Enjoy being alive.

My writer is entirely too hard on herself sometimes. She is focused right now on the fact that she didn’t get a book out this year and she didn’t get my book done. I would rather wait a few weeks and have my story told well than to have her rush it. I’m hoping this weekend I can ring in the new year with her and get her to accept things.

Enough of me going on about new starts, goals, renewals, and all that. I’d better get off the laptop and let my writer get to bed.




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