Hello my freaky darlings,

I finally convinced my writer to consult her amazing IT gal and get me back into my blog! I apologize for being gone so long. My writer can be STUBBORN!

this whole crisis thing has everyone off balance. I’ve seen pandemics before but the humans have never been this uncivilized towards each other like this. I’m afraid the vampires and other paranormals may copy their bad habits.

I understand it’s no fun not being able to roam around like before.  The paranormal community has been dealing with this for many years, and things are more difficult. Now, humans are having to cope with curfews, mandates, and other restrictions.

On to happier thoughts. I am working with my writer again. She’s had a lot on her plate and hopefully things are easing up for her. If not, I may have to do something about it. (I promise it won’t be anything unethical or illegal…)

I must admit I’ve enjoyed having my writer pretty much to myself lately. I’ve missed her.

And on that note, she’s waking up. I’d better finish my post and get off her computer.

until next time!

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