Hello my freaky ones! I managed to have a snow day with my writer! The roads out of town were terrible, and since she was caught up on her work at her new job, I convinced her that sliding backward down the first hill out of town was a good reason to stay home. We had freezing rain here last night until early this morning, then snow all morning until after lunch.

I managed to get her to write a new blog post about all of the new books she put out. My story, Night Blind, is LIVE and up for sale! My writer is now hard at work editing the second book in her Kansas Vampire series. Somehow, our little family has gained two new members. I really can’t say much more until I know some of you have read Night Blind, and a story in the anthology- Surrender in the Darkness. TOO MANY SPOILERS so don’t even ask!!

Well, I’m getting a little hungry and I need a nap. I will be back to write to you all soon.




Books and more books

Hello my little darklings!

I do hope the autumn weather is to your liking. I am enjoying the cooler nights and warm days. But lately, I’m a little upset with my writer. She’s always busy lately.

The last few weeks, she has neglected me and has been publishing. Cipri the vampire has a story featured in an anthology to be released later this year. Yes, I just rolled my eyes and I’m a little jealous that some of her story will be released before mine.

My writer didn’t stop there. She is releasing a novel, “Night Moves” in a few days AND it has a follow-up story in the next book to be released, “Paranormal Bites”, a short story anthology of my writer’s work. No, I don’t have a story in it.

I’m hoping my book, “Night Blind” will be released soon. My writer keeps assuring me it will be, but I’m getting very impatient.

For now, I’ve swiped her proof copy of “Night Moves” and I plan to take a nice, long bubble bath and make sure this is a quality book.

Enjoy the pleasant fall weather, take care of each other, and Happy Halloween!

until later, my freaky ones,

Isys the vampire

Fiona Mcvie interview

The amazing Fiona Mcvie interviewed my writer!! And she even talked about MY book too!

Read it all here!

Fourth of July

Hello my little ones!

Today is the day here in America we celebrate our nation’s birthday. I won’t go into all of the history about the revolution and the Declaration of Independence and everything.

But there are a few things I would like for all of you to keep in mind. Today is a day when we celebrate with fireworks. There are soldiers who served in battle who are sensitive to loud noises and sounds of battle and gunfire. PLEASE be respectful of them. Those people chose to serve and protect our country and put their lives in danger. We need to be considerate while setting off fireworks around them.

I know you humans have dog and cat pets. Often, these creatures are frightened by the loud sounds. This holiday causes the most lost pets. Please get your pets microchipped for identification. Please talk to your pet doctor about strategies for keeping your pets safe. You can make sure to not set of fireworks near them. Make sure gates and fences are solid and closed/latched. Use a collar and leash if needed. If your pet becomes too panicked, take them somewhere they feel safe (inside). Turn on the television and/or fans to help with the noise as well. If things are too severe, talk to the pet’s doctor about medicines and other ways to soothe your pets.

We are fortunate here in America. We have freedoms we take for granted that other countries do not enjoy. We need to thank our veterans who served. Go ahead and celebrate our freedoms. Enjoy the fireworks. Remember the sacrifices of others so we can have everything we do have.


until next time, my pretties!


Isys the vampire