Hello my freaky darlings!

So much has happened since I last posted. Where to start?
My writer has taken my story in the book Night Blind, and written a script. As in a screenplay. Movie.

No, it’s not been sold to Hollywood. Yes, there are people who want to film this as a movie. I don’t know who will play my part yet, but my writer does have ‘book slapper’ privilege  as well as being a creative consultant on this project. I’m still in awe over how quickly things are moving. Seriously, Bruce Campbell didn’t do so bad for starting small.

anyhoo. I guess there is a website and everything. Night Blind the movie.  Check it out and stuff will be added as things move forward.

I’m pretty excited over it all. I can’t wait to hang out on set. (No, I’m not going to be making a snack of any of the crew. I want this movie made and good crew are hard to find.) I have a feeling this will be pretty awesome or at the very least, get me a cult following.

I can’t take myself too seriously.  I can have fun with whatever happens. Please, join me on this wonderful venture!



Winter Blues

Hello my freaky ones!

I do hope you have been well this winter. I’ve heard that the flu is bad this year. Luckily, my writer hasn’t been felled by the nasty stuff.

Anyway, my poor writer has been so busy this winter. She’s been doing more walking, more chores, and keeps herself pretty busy. I can’t wait until she slows down a bit this spring.

She’s excited to announce that she will be at the Little Apple Comic Expo again this year. She will be sharing a table with a dark comedy writer, J R Young (aka Jessica Benoist-Young). Last year was pretty awesome so I’m thinking this year will be even better!

Anyone who’s been following my books knows I’m still healing, and doing okay at this point. (DO NOT LISTEN TO WHAT SOME OF THE OTHER VAMPIRES IN MY FAMILY ARE SAYING!) I’m getting better. Progress is slow. MOVING ON…

I’m glad to see a few of you are following my sporadic blog posts. I’m going to try to post more often.

If you have a chance GO TO Manhattan (KANSAS) and attend the Little Apple Comic Expo. It’s a stellar gathering of artists, writers, cosplayers, fans, craftsmen and women, and it’s affordable in the K-State University Union.

I’d better go. My writer wants her computer back. Sleep well my freaky ones!



Isys the Vampire


It’s HERE!

Hello my dark little ones!

My writer, after taking on a job as a journalist, and her pro editor fell ill, managed to get my  next book PUBLISHED!!

She’s also decided to make herself available as a panelist at ConQuesT in Kansas City in May. (I’m hoping she will let me tag along with her. I hear there is going to be another vampire there!) So, she is wanting the computer back. Even though I just got to use this one for the first time. (yes, I’m pouting. Even though Twitch says it’s unbecoming.)

Anyhoo. I’m so glad you’re on this journey with me and my writer. We appreciate each and every one of you who follows us. Without you, we couldn’t do what we do. So, PLEASE, get out there, buy the next book in my story, Flip Side, on Amazon, and take a look into my life.



Closer, Closer…

Hello my freaky ones!

I do hope things are well for you. I just wanted to update you on the progress of the next book. Flip Side- Kansas Vampires Book 2 is in final edits! I am so excited! My writer hopes to do a release party in November of 2017!

The guys from ComicPop Library want to do a pre-release interview with my writer in a few days and I can’t wait!

I can say that more of my story will be revealed, along with a couple of new characters, and the return of some old enemies. My writer is still working on the third book in the series, along with a couple of other projects. I apologize for not keeping in touch like I should have, but things have been a bit unsettled lately.

Tonight, the weather is warm and stormy, with waves of rain and the threat of severe thunderstorms continuing until close to midnight. I had better put the laptop away and ride out the next batch of pop-up storms.

Stay safe! I will post the links to the interview as soon as they are available. Thanks!

xoxo IsystheVampire


ComicPop Library

Hello my freaky ones!

Sorry it’s been so long. Things have been kinda crazy here the last few months. My writer’s laptop that I borrow is getting ready to die on her, her faithful car quit, she’s done a couple of book signings, and last night had her first podcast!

I’m so proud of her! And the best part is that the crew over at ComicPop Library reviewed MY STORY and they kinda liked it. They are a cool bunch of humans over there  and they review lots of things there: books, music, anime, comics, and I’m not sure what else. PLEASE stop by and check them out.

Uh oh. She’s here and wanting the laptop. I’d better go and let my writer get her blogging and such done.

until later,

xoxo IsystheVampire

Little Apple Comic Expo

Hello my freaky ones!!

What a day! My writer had me out of bed before dawn, packed up, and in the car! We headed North to the Little Apple, Manhattan, Kansas!! It’s one o my favorite places to eat!! She hiked up he hill, with all of her gear, and was set  before 9!

This place is amazing!! The organizer and all of her staff were helpful. And the PEOPLE!! They are everywhere!!! Comic book, movie, and anime characters are all over here!! I am behaving. I am hungry and ofcourse my writer says she can stop for me some fast foodon the  way home. It will be okay because we don’t do this often.

Seriously, if you have not attended this new event, COME!! It is well worth the small price. I will write more later because I want to go people watch!

until next time

xoxo IsysThe Vampire

Wicked Weather?

Hello my darklings!

I do hope you were safe over the weekend during the severe weather. Here where my writer lives, we were LUCKY. We had some freezing rain, but most of it was just rain. My writer had plenty of supplies set by for us. I really think she was preparing for two feet of snow, losing power, and generalchaos.

Some of our friends didn’t fare so well. Limbs were down, people were injured from falling on the ice, some were without power. This storm could have been so much worse.

This winter is not yet over. I have a feeling this will not be the last shot of bad weather.

Today, my writer has dragged me out of the house. We are sitting on a pal’s deck in the cloudy day, enjoying the quiet and the view. Okay, so my writer’s place is quiet, but the change of scenery is welcomed.

Be kind to each other.

until next time,



Another Year, Another Chance

Hello all  my freaky friends!

It is almost the new year! I do hope the holidays were good for all of you. I mostly moped around here as my writer was busy with rewrites on my story, and spending time with her family.

This weekend marks the end of yet another year. I have seen many in my lifetime, and my in my vampire lifetime as well. No matter how rough the year before was (and there were a few) I always hold onto the thought that I made it through. A new beginning awaits us all on the other side of midnight, December 31. It is a chance to start over, to reach for your goals.

For me, the trick with goals is consistency. I’ve learned to set small goals that I consistently achieve, do not be too hard if I do not reach it this time, try again tomorrow, and recalculate. I know it’s kind of like moving the finish line but it works for me. I can look back and know I made it from goal a to goal b, then to goal c. Soon, I will only have a little more to go. If I do not do it this way, I focus on the failures. And I am my own worst enemy.

My dark ones, what are your goals? Looking back, do you see your successes this year? You should. You made it another year! That is an accomplishment. Did you learn anything? Maybe you learned a lot of ways to NOT do things. If so, then you are still working toward your goal. If you achieved at least one of your goals, that is success! Do not be too hard on yourselves. Humans are fragile with short life spans. Enjoy being alive.

My writer is entirely too hard on herself sometimes. She is focused right now on the fact that she didn’t get a book out this year and she didn’t get my book done. I would rather wait a few weeks and have my story told well than to have her rush it. I’m hoping this weekend I can ring in the new year with her and get her to accept things.

Enough of me going on about new starts, goals, renewals, and all that. I’d better get off the laptop and let my writer get to bed.




Books and MORE Books

hello, my little darklings!

What a last few weeks! My writer hit a rough patch, where for some reason she was doubting her abilities as a writer. Through the help of many amazing friends, she was able finally to get back into the swing of things!

SO, the other day we were in the beautiful city of Emporia, Kansas. She decided to listen to one of her mentors and stop in a new bookstore. Ellen Plumb’s City Bookstore. It’s up near the college, and be ready to be amazed. The sensible front of the building hides a wealth of books, jewelry, superb coffee, and more! The store has the BIGGEST selection of local authors I’ve ever seen! All genres! HOWEVER, it must be of good quality. No unedited, half-finished works allowed!

My writer figured she’d leave one or two books in the store. She was almost in tears when they wanted all she’d written!! This is a dream come true for her!

Ellen Plumb’s City Bookstore is worth the drive. It is a hidden gem along Commercial Street. The selection is ever-expanding and I wished I had more money and more time to really peruse the shelves. (My writer had to get home and get back to work, so we had to hurry. At least I had a superb cup of coffee!)

When you go inside, take your time. Savor the quality selection of the works inside. PLEASE tell  everyone about it. This business is one willing to take a chance on idie authors and is focused on BOOKS.

AAAND, there’s more! This weekend on Saturday from 1-4 p.m. we will be at the Topeka Shawnee County Public Library at 1515 SW 10th Street, Topeka, Kansas. The Great Writers, Right Here event will be going on. The lineup is star-studded! R.L. Naquin, Kevin Wohler, Deborah Dalton, Dennis Smirl, Aimee Gross, Annette Billings, Sheila Dalrymple, Angel Edenburn, and MORE will be there! If you don’t know who these authors are, look them up! They are all excellent writers and all different genres! This event is free. yes, FREE!!! You can go see them, talk to them, get books signed by them and all for no admission charge!!!

Uh oh. My writer is back and looking for the laptop. She’s trying to get my story finished and out because she has three more books at the very least to get written. Make sure you go visit the book store in Emporia. Ellen Plumb’s City Bookstore. 1101 Commercial Street. Check out the blog at And the Great Writers, Right Here. Make sure you go see them! It’s so worth it!

Gotta go. I’m busted. My writer is lurking and glaring at me to turn over the computer.

Merry Christmas and all!




KLA adventures

Today, my author has hauled me to Wichita to the KLA Conference. She was invited by a super-cool librarian from Topeka. (If you’re up there say HI to Miranda Ericsson-Kendall)!

We are set up and talking to LOTS of people from all over the state. SO many nice folks from all over are here. She hasn’t sold a single book, but I keep hoping.

I promise I am being good. No eating of the convention folk, no flashing my fangs, and no playing with my food. I am happy here in the corner with my cup of coffee!!

Just a hint. If you want my writer’s books in your library- GO ASK YOUR LIBRARIAN! they will find it for you! It will help her sales.

Okay, enough plugging of my writer, time to go talk with some really cool library folks!